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Hearing loss impacts 60% of veterans of recent conflict1

Help us break the silence.

Our Mission

The silence after service can be deafening.

Heroes With Hearing Loss® is about reconnecting veterans with the people who are most important in their lives, including their families, friends, colleagues, communities and healthcare professionals. We accomplish this by providing lifestyle-focused solutions and information that minimize the impact of hearing loss.

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Real solutions to hearing loss

Life after serving in the military brings a host of challenges and it can be difficult for veterans and their families to adjust—even with Veterans Service Officers working tirelessly to support them, resources are often limited.

Hearing related issues are the top service-connected injuries affecting veterans of all generations2—often correlating with many other physical and mental health conditions. The most important thing for veterans to know is: You are not alone.

That’s why Hamilton® CapTel® built the Heroes With Hearing Loss® program, providing resources, guidance and support needed within the veteran community.

For veterans

The Heroes With Hearing Loss program is open to the entire veteran and active service community interested in learning more about the effects of hearing loss and its impact on overall health outcomes, solutions, treatments, emerging research as well as medical and technological advances in the field.

Join the program for access to our growing library of resources including articles, blogs, infographics and videos, as well as other educational materials.

For Veterans Service Officers

We understand that hearing on the phone can be challenging to the point of frustration for anyone with hearing loss. This is why the Heroes With Hearing Loss program is an important resource for Veterans Service Officers and why our sponsor, Hamilton CapTel, provides veterans with a simple, no-cost* solution that ensures clarity and confidence on every phone call.

Certified Veterans Service Officers or hearing healthcare professionals may certify any veteran with a qualified hearing loss to receive a no-cost Hamilton CapTel captioned telephone by completing the Certificate of Hearing Loss/Order Form online.

*Independent third-party professional certification required

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